We offer a proofreading service for both fiction and non-fiction. Rates for our proofreading services are determined per word and depend on the current condition of the manuscript. To obtain an accurate quote, please send us either the full manuscript or a representative excerpt.


What is proofreading?

It’s important not to conflate proofreading with editing or copy editing. Editing addresses fundamental aspects of writing, such as linguistic lucidity, sentence structure, tone, and comprehensibility. It alters the substance of your content, ensuring that ideas are presented in the optimal manner for your target audience. Conversely, proofreading focuses on identifying misspelled words, incorrect or absent punctuation, and inconsistencies within the text. Ideally, proofreading is the final stage of revision before publishing.

Outlined below are key distinctions between proofreading and editing:


Executed on the final draft of your document

Applied to the initial draft of your writing and/or throughout the drafting phase

Rectifies surface-level discrepancies

Addresses fundamental writing aspects

Eliminates grammatical and punctuation errors, along with misspelled words and formatting irregularities

Elevates the text by enhancing its meaning, content, and clarity

Refines your text to produce an error-free documentAlters the text’s meaning and enhances reader-friendliness

Yields quicker turnaround times

Facilitates an extended partnership during the writing process

Our proofreading service is suitable when you possess confidence in the language and structure of your manuscript, and only need a grammar check to rectify misspellings, typographical blunders, and punctuation mistakes. Ideally, your document should have undergone at least one round of editing. Our proofreading service functions as the last step in the editing process before submission.

All our proofreading is conducted by skilled, native English speakers. Proficient proofreading demands specialized knowledge and experience, offering a considerably more dependable and consistent error audit compared to automated spell-checks or other software functions.

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