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I am a book cover designer and graphic artist.

I work in digital art, 3D render, Photoshop and Illustrator with twenty years experience providing creative, standout designs. I design for all genres, specialising in Sci-fi and Fantasy, as well as Crime, Thriller & Romance.

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Beautiful Custom Designs


Fill out my booking form with your cover requirements. You can specify a model/ scene design, or a graphical style, examples of the type of cover you want, ideas for a scene, colours, or fonts and many other options.

For illustrated character/ scene designs I create original custom artwork, rendered and painted. I also work with photo stock.


Now comes the fun part. I take your concepts and produce mock-ups for you to choose from, usually provided within 3 days of your booked date.

Whichever design you prefer I will take to completion, with a multi-stage revision process for you to make changes to design, typography and branding. I will set you up with your own portal in my client area where you can view proofs and request changes.


Your final cover design will be delivered for eBook or print (paperback and hardcover). I can provide matching promo materials and audiobook covers too, as well as series covers for later books so you can maintain your house style.

I am always happy to provide created artwork or branding separately for you to use elsewhere.


Exactly what I wanted

I wasn’t able to come up with the new look I wanted, or find someone who could come up with it–until, that is, I found Shaun at Flintlock Covers. His designs gave me exactly what I wanted. They are vibrant and moody and basically perfect. Shaun’s work was quick and professional. When I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted, he came up with a range of concepts we could work from. And his services are very reasonable, too. Highly recommend.

Susan Fanetti

Meets Genre Expectations

Working with Shaun at Flintlock Covers was a great experience. When I wasn’t sure how to explain myself, he examined what I needed and solved the problem. Now, I have a cover that meets genre expectations, is beautiful, and I’m proud to show off. Shaun is quick to reply, and super interested in making sure you have the best possible cover for your book.

Kelly N. Jane

Applied Beautifully

Shaun listened and applied what I wanted beautifully. Thank you for your work, sir. I hope my novel can live up to the cover.

Jorden Leonard

Quality Cover

Shaun was great to work with. Quality cover. Professional, with good communication throughout the process, I loved how the process felt like a collaboration where my vague idea gradually turned into something real.

Jon Cronshaw

A Pleasure To Work With

Shaun is a pleasure to work with. I asked him to create a cover for a short story to match an existing book series. He was quick, responsive, and focused on the details I requested, zeroing in on the elements that would make the piece fit with the pre-existing designs. And the several tweaks I required as the cover took shape, he executed without hesitation. The process felt very collaborative, which I appreciate. An excellent experience. Thanks, Shaun

Monica Enderle Pierce

Outstanding Designer

Shaun is an outstanding designer. And he is a pleasure to deal with. By the time I found him I had already looked at several others but was not happy with quality or price, Shaun delivered on both! I would definitely recommend him.

J. B. Baker

Uber Professional

Shaun was amazing. He produced a wonderful design and was totally responsive to my feedback at every part of the revision process. Uber professional book cover design uk certainly be coming to him again for my next project.

Lloyd John Carrick

Talented & Stress-Free

Shaun is incredibly talented AND stress-free to work with, qualities that don’t always go hand in hand!

Taylor H. Simpson

Creative. Imaginative. Professional.

Creative, imaginative, extremely professional cover designer from the UK, and so cool to work with!

Jennifer Shaw

Stand Out

I would recommend Shaun to anyone who wants something that will stand out while being completely on-point.

Katherine Behr Thomson

Blown Away

Wow. I just received my design back and it is SO BEAUTIFUL. I am blown away. You truly kick ass. Thanks for being so awesome. High fives!

Peter J. Roberts

So Much Better

You made it so simple. My new design is so much better than my old one. My sales are already up. Thanks, Shaun!

Aga Marat

Great To Work With

Shaun did a great job for me. I love love my design now. Sexy, gorgeous artwork and great to work with!

Roberta Knight