How long does a cover design usually take?
I allocate a week design time for a standard project, taken from the agreed booking date. You should receive initial ideas within three days. Original artwork always takes longer so expect up to a few weeks turnaround. Revisions and post work like painting and honing fonts takes the rest of the time.

What is your pricing for custom cover design?
Please see the prices on my custom covers page here.

What files will I receive?
I supply KDP approved JPG/ Tiff formats for all the major retailers. Paperback formats are provided in layered PDF format at high resolution, customised for page count.

What if I’m not happy with the design?
Based on your additional instructions, I will make you a new one.

How many revisions can I get?
I offer three revision points in the design process for layout and typography and you will get a minimum choice of two concepts (usually more). I always make sure to understand your needs by asking lots of questions and requesting style examples.

What if I want to cancel the design?
You can cancel at any point. Once work has begun I cannot refund your deposit but up until that point you will receive a full refund.

Can I provide my own image for the book cover?
Yes, but you must make sure you have the necessary copyright or licensing to use it, and quality needs to be at least 300dpi at 6″x9″.

What if I want further changes after final delivery of the files?
Text revisions are $15, our standard hourly rate is $50 p.h.

Can I order the paperback version but come back to you later for the file once I have all the info like trim size and page count?
Yes, you can order a paperback wrap with your initial order even if you don’t have the final details.

Can I order paperback versions or other formats separately?
Yes, I always keep source files so you can come back to me at any time for further formats like paperback, hardback, audiobook or promotional images. I am always happy to create series continuations with the same style at a later date.

How are payments accepted?
I accept payments through PayPal.